I've seen things you people wouldn't believe:
Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion; I've watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser's Gate.

All those moments ... will be lost ... in time ... like tears in rain.

--Roy Batty (Bladerunner)


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Don’t shoot what you see. Shoot what you feel. — David Alan Harvey

When gifts are given to me through my camera, I accept them graciously.
Minor White
There are two kinds of photographers: those who compose pictures and those who take them. The former work in studios. For the latter, the studio is the world…. For them, the ordinary doesn’t exist: every thing in life is a source of nourishment.
Ernst Haas
This then: to photograph a rock, have it look like a rock, but be more than a rock.
Edward Weston

The Distance between where you are now and The Path where you think you should be on is probably smaller than you think it is. ´´-Chase Jarvis

You only get one sunrise and one sunset a day, and you only get so many days on the planet. A good photographer does the math and doesn’t waste either.
Galen Rowell
Stand up straight. Throw the right. Be an artist today.

Savor life… #quotes #inspiration (Taken with instagram)

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Aspiration #quotes #inspiration #strive (Taken with instagram)

Light #quotes #inspiration #enlightment (Taken with instagram)

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